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La Aurora To Add New 107 Size

The cigar that celebrated the 107th anniversary of La Aurora and helped re-invest the oldest factory in the Dominican Republic gets a limited edition Salomon.

Interview with Arielle Ditkowich, Brand Manager, La Sirena Cigars

Our good friends Stace & Coop, from recently had the chance to sit down with Arielle Ditkowich at a recent event. They discuss how she started in the industry and the creation of La Sirena.

Press Release: Merlion by La Sirena Coming Ashore!

Miami, Florida – May 09, 2012 - In what one can term Beauty & The Beast; La Sirena and La Aurora have teamed up to create a new cigar, Merlion.. The name Merlion comes from a mythical creature that is half lion and half mermaid, the perfect fit for La Sirena and La Aurora.

Smoke Magazine Online... Feeding Miami’s Vice

“Let’s do it” is Nestor Miranda’s mantra. He arrived in the U.S. at age 16 from Cuba with nothing to his name, used his natural-born savvy to build a career in sales, and eventually built a family-owned multi-million dollar cigar company around his own Don Lino brand and as the U.S. importer of La Aurora cigars. He nearly lost it all, rebuilt, and is now celebrating an anniversary that almost never happened. His biggest lesson, perhaps, is to never sit still.

Cigar Aficionado - Cigar Stars - A Conversation with Nestor Miranda

When the cigar market boomed in the 1990s, Nestor Miranda, creator of Don Lino, seemed to have caught lightning in a bottle. He had an established brand that sold so well it was on back order even though production had more than tripled in two years. But when things looked brightest, his cigar manufacturer stopped supplying him.

America’s Top Sommelier Tabs Preferidos #2 as Favorite Cigar

Miami, Florida – June 6th, 2012 – In a recent article in the Sommelier Journal, America’s top wine expert, Alexander LaPratt tabbed the La Aurora Preferidos #2 as his favorite cigar.

Press Release: Nestor Miranda 70th LE

Nestor Miranda turns 70 Years old in 2013, and to honor this special occasion a special edition cigar is being created to mark the milestone!

List of Retailers: Cien Anos

Since it's release, Miami Cigar & Company has received a lot of requests on where to find the new Cien Anos Maduro. While we can't say for sure if any are still in stock here is a list of retailers that have ordered them.