Visit from Kenya

One of my favorite things about the cigar industry is the people you meet. Cigars are the great equalizer. I use to joke around amongst my friends that if you take two nations at war, and put them in a room filled with cigars they would come out with a peace treaty.

Working at Miami Cigar at times is like being at your favorite cigar lounge. We get visitors from all over the world. Last week we had friends in from Holland and today we has a visit from our distributor in Kenya. In the midst of telling stories about his hunting trips and the safari’s he’s been on in the past Nestor Miranda got up and excused himself before coming back with a gift. One of the last remaining Don Lino Africa humidors, which was presented to Franco.

During the course of the conversation, I realized I had met Franco once before many moons ago. It seems he came into Barrister Cigars in Union, NJ when I lived in the NY/NJ area. It made me realize that no matter how big the world is, cigars make it smaller and more intimate.

Nestor presents Franco a Don Lino Africa Humidor

Nestor Miranda presents Franco a Don Lino Africa Humidor

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