Open Invite From Barry Stein (@MCCBarry)

It’s been a little longer than a year and a half since I packed my things up in New York, and made the move 1,300 miles away to Miami. My dream job has been everything I expected it to be, and more. With last year being my first IPCPR from a manufacturer stand point, I will be the first to admit I was caught off guard. As a result I didn’t get to spend the time with many of my friends who helped me get where I am today..

I would like to extend an open invite all my friends old and new from the blogging community, twitter, facebook, and instagram take the time to stop by the Miami Cigar / La Aurora booth in Las Vegas to cut and light a cigar with me. I know your time spent at the show is valuable, but I hope you can spare some of that time to catch up.

See you at the show,
Barry Stein

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One Response to Open Invite From Barry Stein (@MCCBarry)

  1. Jake

    Now I have one more reason to wish I could go. Maybe another day. Good luck with Kilo and hopefully you get enough time to catch up with everyone.

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