October Update – Win a Bobblehead!

One would think that coming from the background of a blogger, what to write would be an easy task. Especially since I pushed for the creation of this section of our website. I have hit a bit of a block on what to put on here, that people would want to read about.

We have some custom content on the way but until then:

For a chance to win a bobble-head of Nestor Miranda leave a comment below about things you would like to see on the blog.

  • We have begun the process of working on a cigar celebrating Nestor 70th Birthday on February 14th. The cigar is in the early stages of production with a blending trip scheduled in the coming weeks.
  • Jessica Levine who worked for Cigar Masters in Providence is getting comfortable in her gig as a sale representative for New England. If you haven’t met her, look out for her events. This lady is a vision of class and full of cigar knowledge.
  • All of our IPCPR releases with the exception of the Cien Anos are shipping and should be at your favorite shop soon!
  • The Cien Anos is set to ship to stores later this month.
  • There will be a new advertisement for the Nestor Miranda Collection in magazines soon. Keep an eye for it, and the first person to send me a picture of it on Twitter (@MCCBarry) will get a T-Shirt.
  • October 23rd and 24th is the official coming out party for the Fernando Leon at Cigar Inn in New York City. I will be there with Nestor Miranda, Jessica Levine, Rene Castaneda and Hector Paz.
  • It feels like IPCPR just ended 2 months ago (oh wait, it did!) but the planning for next year is already in full force.
  • Lastly, a speedy recovery to our Mid Atlantic sales rep Christopher Lenzo. He will be back on the road soon.
  • Lastly, Our newest gem, the La Aurora Diamond just scored a 90 in the latest issues of Cigar Aficionado.
La Aurora Diamond 90 Rating

La Aurora Diamond 90 Rating in Cigar Insider!

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  1. Dustin Pike

    Like to see news about up coming releases, happenings and events you guys are involved in and any giveaways you guys are running like this.

  2. Donald Oleary

    like to see news about upcoming releases events and maybe some news about whats happening round the ind.

  3. Paul Tyler

    I have enjoyed your entries in the past when you talk about your personal experiences moving from NY to Miami…how you are adjusting…how life is different…things you miss, etc. Have also enjoyed a couple of the videos you posted included the one showing how the Preferidos are rolled in the factory. It is also interesting to see videos/interviews that give us more personal insight into the people behind the cigars…including those whose names are on them and those who play a big role behind the scenes..

  4. Paul,

    Congrats you won the bobble head, Ill shoot you a email in a bit.

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