La Aurora Field Trip Day 3

We started the morning off with a few meetings before heading into the factory to smoke some more pure tobacco. When you smoke a puro leaf, there is no complexity of notes. The wood, the chocolate, the nuts or coffee doesn’t exist at this stage. Don’t get me wrong, you can tell if there is some sweetness, or bitterness but the complexity won’t come til in the blend. The challenge here is the percentages of leaf used and getting the proper combustion necessary for the cigar to smoke properly as well as the proper marriage of taste. .

I put together two blends, one of which on paper is ULTRA strong, and the other which I hope will be loaded with flavor. For those who know me, yes I used Peruvian tobacco.The day did not end there as we headed over to Cigar Rings to meet with Albert and Maria to discuss the types of stock available for cigar bands, as well as address an issue with our boxes for Australia. We also watched a little Soccer, some champions league action featuring Real Madrid vs Manchester United which ended in a draw.

At night I would dine with Guillermo Leon and his wife, along with Gustavo Velayos from La Aurora. I don’t think I ever laughed that hard in my life. The men finished an entire bottle of La Aurora rum which will make its debut at Pro Cigar, and the food was exquisite. It was a bonding experience that capped off a perfect day in paradise

Production on the floor stopped so the rollers could observe Ash Wednesday with a mass.

La Aurora 107 Maduro is getting close to reality.

Perritos. Little Dog. Puro tobacco, to understand the nature of the leaf.

Tobacco that was selected for my blend.

La Aurora 107 Maduro and Presidente at lunch!


Raiding the aging room was a priority.

I wonder if I can get this through customs!


Eddy rolled us some perrito’s of binder, to smoke.

A motley crue for sure!

Soccer at Cigar Rings!

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