La Aurora Field Trip Day 2

What an interesting trip this has become, my head is hurting as I feel as if it is swollen from the education I have received. I can now identify some types of tobacco based upon the size and shape of the tobacco. This includes Dominican Olar, Criollo ’98, Corojo 2006 and Bahia. It is amazing the characteristics of each leaf and how you can point out what the variety is based on the shape and how it comes to a point.

In the factory I smoked cigars at different stages of fermentation and I was surprised at how each level changes the composition of the tobacco. At the end of the day I began to smoke different types of leaf in a puro format to learn how they taste and tomorrow I will make my first blend as an employee of Miami Cigar Company.

I ended the day at Manuel Inoa’s house with Louis Falto from Falto Cigars. We finished a bottle of rum, and I had mofongo for the first time. All I can say is, MORE PLEASE!

It is because of that rum, this entry is short and the typos have been left in, to honor my friend Gary J. Arzt whose birthday just past. I wish he was still with us to take part in this journey, but I know he is looking down at me and wonder how the hell I got my position with Miami Cigar & Company.

Here are some pictures of the day…

Dusk falls over Santiago, Dominican Republic

A view down a row of tobacco. One acre has 12,000 plants.

Seedlings wait to be transplanted to the fields…

Tobacco as far as the eye can see!

This is the same farm, 3.5 weeks apart. The one on the left is today. The right is when I visited it in Mid-January!

Some Piloto Cubano, I was surprised at the strength. Things are changing at La Aurora!

Smoking some Puros before I make a blend!

Manuel Inoa, Louis Falto and myself finished this off before dinner.

I had Mofongo for the first time tonight, and I want more!

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  1. nabocane

    Nice day’s work.

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