La Aurora Bound

I’ve always thought I knew a lot about tobacco, and perhaps compared to the average Joe, I do. However, in the industry I know very little and the time has come for me to learn and grow. The first year was spent learning about the social marketing, advertising, and promotional materials. Now here in year two, I am going to learn more about the factory side of the business and find out what a cigar truly is.

From Sunday, Feb 10th to the morning of Feb 15th I will be taken on a journey and become an industry insider. I will spend time at the factory blending, and walking the tobacco fields. I will learn about the process of aging tobacco and more. Hopefully, down the road this will lead to be being able to shed the moniker of a former blogger to someone who is truly involved in tobacco.

If my internet connection allows me, I will be writing about my day, and providing some insight on what I learned. So follow this site daily, and find out why it is not just cigars, it is a lifestyle!


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One Response to La Aurora Bound

  1. nabocane

    I learned a while back in a management seminar that we retain about 30% of what we hear; 70% of what we write down; but we retain almost 100% of what we are compelled to teach.

    Teach us in order to retain the knowledge you gain. :-)

    And enjoy your trip, brother!

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