Contest: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

In less then a month I will have been at Miami Cigar & Company for a year. It was a little less then a year ago that I got the call from Jason Wood asking if I was ready to move to Miami to work for the company that I had developed a close personal friendship with. In the coming weeks I will be looking back on that year over at my old website acigarsmoker.com so be sure to be on the look out for that.

One thing that I was worried about was how the holidays would be down here. But, despite 77 degree weather I have the Christmas spirit. Houses are lit up, Christmas music is on the radio, my local hop has there Christmas tree decorated and life is great. Tomorrow we shoot our company Christmas photo as well.

In the spirit of the holidays I ask a question of all of you, and I will randomly select a winner for a Gift Box of Añoranzas that will come complete with our company Christmas card…

When you look back on the holidays past,be it Hanukkah or Christmas, what moment most reflects the true spirit of the holidays. For me it was volunteering at a local community food bank and delivering meals to the home-bound on the eve of the Holidays. The look of excitement and happiness that they were not forgotten is something that I still hold close to my heart and will never forget…

DISCLAIMER: By entering a comment you are certifying that you are of legal smoking age in your local municipality. Contest end December 14th, 12 noon, Miami, Florida time.

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  1. jyow617

    I’d have to say the sound of joy and excitement in my mother’s voice when I told her that I’d bought plane tickets for my wife, two sons, and me to visit her for Christmas. It’s been several years since we all went there. To make it better, my sister will also be there too. This is my mothers dream to have us all there for the holidays.

    Thanks for the contest! Merry Christmas!

  2. Barry Great write up and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Things I would look back on over the Holidays. Last year my wife’s parents got a divorce and her Father fell on hard times pretty quick. With her mother going back to Pittsburgh for the Holiday and her father not having anyplace to go, my Parents and I quickly asked her Dad to join us for Christmas eve at Church and also all day Christmas with our family. It was a very nice time and he got to spend the whole holiday with our first born son who was also having his first Christmas, and it really perked up his spirits. We will be doing the same this year as well, While her father and I may have not always got along I always respected him and was very happy and proud of both my parents and my entire family to welcome my wife’s father in to our house and to our table with open arms.

    Merry Christmas


  3. NaboCane

    I lived in Seattle for 16 years; when I was in retail management it was impossible to get back to Miami during the holidays. Then, in the wireless industry December was our EOY push to max out the network build and use up the budget. So I never got to spend Christmas with family. Except one year, when the buildout was unexpectedly cancelled around the 20th. I was able to get a flight last-minute, and the look on my mom’s face when I arrived as a surprise was priceless. Best Christmas ever.

  4. Swede214

    This has to be in the mid ’80′s, should remember, bringing my son back from Ames, Iowa, he’s graduated from college,[yes]. I have my friend’s Suburban and trailer, packed with ”stuff”. We leave about 1PM in the afternoon, I’m not on the highway for 30 minutes and it’s starts to snow,Dec. 22nd. That Christmas was the best on that morning, we were all safe and together, my wife, daughter, the graduate.We opened our gifts as we have done in the past, that year was just a little special than the others,that was a special Christmas.

  5. MattyBlayze

    Bit different answer from me here. When I think of the holidays, I think of a family tradition that we did since before I can remember. My family would wake up on Christmas Eve and take the train into NYC. We’d start the day seeing the tree in Rockefeller Center and then walk down 5th Ave towards Central Park – occasionally stopping to look at the windows in Macys or Saks or do a bit of last second shopping. When we finally made it to Central Park, we’d stop for lunch at Mickey Mantle’s. Maybe a bit cheesy for Christmas Eve, but it was about tradition and family. Portions were large and we’d never finish so leftovers would go to one of the homeless people we encountered as we ventured back down to Rockefeller Center for one more peek at the tree before taking the train home. Family, tradition, giving – the true spirit of the holidays that I always think back to at this time of year.

  6. For me, it is the attitude change, that comes to even the most selfish person. Everyone, feels a little tug to be more giving. I like to make others happy, but I know I can be pretty selfish none-the-less. As tight as I am, I love buying presents for people during Christmas. I usually end up blowing my budgets, but I am fine with that. Because I really do enjoy the joy that others get from what I do for them.

  7. Winner of the contest is NaboCane. Sorry for the delay guys!

  8. czerbe

    Nice Barry thanks again for the Contest. Can’t wait to try these bad boys haven’t gotten any yet.

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