Cigar Review: CHICHO’S CHOICE via Seth’s Humidor

A few weeks ago we announced the release of Chicho’s Choice, and this week the first review appeared online via Seth’s Humidor. It is reprinted below, but be sure to check out his website.

Cigar Review: La Aurora Chico’s Choice Diamond (Preferidos Diamond Gran Toro)

As everyone is beginning to realize, Miami Cigar & Company recently decided to release regional cigars. It first began with the Nestor Miranda Special Selection Exclusivo Regional and now it continues with another line under the Miami Cigar & Company distribution portfolio. The idea is an amazing one, and is one that I have wanted the United States to undertake for a long time. I think the Habanos S.A. version of the program is great, and the fact that Miami Cigar is duplicating it to an extent is fun to see. One unique thing that Miami Cigar is doing though is they they are having their regional representative pick the cigar. I know we are all interested to see what our reps pick, but let’s focus on the Mid-Atlantic pick.

The representative from Miami Cigar for the Mid-Atlantic area is Christopher Lenzo, and for this release he chose a modern vitola offering for a fairly new and successful release from La Aurora and Miami Cigar. The cigar is the Preferidos Diamond, and the vitola is a near gordo measuring 6″ with a 58 ring gauge. Total production is set at 150 boxes with 25 cigars to a box, and is only available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. The wrapper has that wonderful coloring of dark maduro and it is a classic example of a beautiful Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. It is very oily to touch and simply beautiful in appearance. It is slightly firm and it has some veins throughout the wrapper. The aroma of the cigar is that of tobacco, stone fruits, berries, earth, cocoa and spices, and I am getting all of that off the wrapper and foot.

The first third begins by showing a nice bit of rich tobacco and rich earth notes and is similar to the originalPreferido. The cigar is screaming richness and I am getting dark wood notes, lots of earth and chocolate and a finish of stone fruit. The cigar is really enjoyable and producing a ton of great flavors, and it is a great representation of the Diamond but in a larger format. The construction is lovely and it has a cool and easy draw that is producing a nice bit of smoke. The ash is holding on firmly to the even burn line and it has a solid charcoal coloring that is beautiful. I would say the cigar is smoking at a strength level between medium and medium full and the body is there as well. Overall this is an awesome first third and the cigar is great in this large format. I hoped the cigar was going to be good and I was worried with the increase in the ring gauge.

I am in the second third of the cigar now and the flavors are definitely growing. There is this new licorice flavor profile present and it really adds a lot of complexity to the smoke. Those notes are pairing with the cocoa and stone fruit notes and it is adding a lot of unique qualities. The earth, wood and tobacco notes hold on firmly as well and it offers a lovely finish to the sweeter first part. The construction on the cigar is still top notch and it is showing that razor sharp burn line with the lovely charcoal ash holding on firmly. I am loving the draw that is being produced with this cigar and the amount of smoke coming off the cigar is awesome as well. The body and strength are remaining at a medium full level and it is a cigar that I am a fan of all the time. It is a cigar I could have late morning to the evening all the time.

When I get into the final third I am disappointed, but at the same time happy. I am sad that the cigar is coming to a close, but it is a big final third so I still got some time. The larger ring gauge is offering a very cool draw and it is a draw that is producing a ton of smoke. The construction has remained perfect from beginning to end and and has produced a lovely charcoal ash that has remained nicely on the razor sharp burn line. The flavors have been rich but balanced from the beginning and there are nice bits of tobacco, earth and cocoa. I am still getting those wood notes, and it has a finish that is showing bits of licorice as well. To me it is a great Connecticut Broadleaf, and works well in the preferido and large ring gauge format. The body and strength have remained at that medium full level from beginning and it has a nice cool finish that is rich. This is a cigar that so many would enjoy and I would recommend it to almost every smoker I know.

So far this is easily the best regional release that La Aurora has done. I know there have only been two releases, but this is the best of the two without question. I think the Diamond Preferido is the best preferido that the company has released and is a great example of Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper used correctly. I was worried how the blend would work in this large of a format, but it works wells. I would never pick up a cigar of this size in stores, but since it is only available in this format that limits options. I do think it is a wise release in terms of the size and I like that it is a 58 ring gauge and not a 60. To me that is a sign of the company not wanting to fully give into the market but still please them with a larger format. With solid construction and rich flavors the cigar smoked very well from beginning to finish, and it is a cigar I will hold on to in my humidor. I am giving this cigar a solid 91 rating and look forward to seeing other opinions on the cigar and future regional releases.

Seth’s Humidor Rating: 91
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